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Indulgence in the Healing & Nurturing of One's Temple & Soul

Born under the fierce Seychellois sun during the 2021 Covid-era, Vanilla Cocoa (Pronounced: Vah-nih-lah • Ko-ko) steps in to offer the people of Seychelles the opportunity to break away from stress and indulge in Body Care products to Nourish, Rejuvenate and Refresh themselves thereby promoting  Self-care and Rest through the harnessing of nature's finest resources.

Vanilla Cocoa aims to cultivate a lifestyle that promotes the Indulgence in Health & Wellness in the ordinary Seychellois' life.

Furthermore, it is of utmost importance that we offer such mini-luxuries through affordable means to allow people from all walks of life to relish them! 

On that note, Dearest Cocoa Bean, We wish you a very warm Welcome to our beautiful pod!

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