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About Us

Have a read on how we came into being!

Born with the fire of God, the flaming passion of a Rocket Scientist and a great affinity for Self-care, our Founder orchestrated the fiery affair that sparked life into the bright and blossoming Vanilla Cocoa.

" Growing disappointed after bouts of using recommended (and often detrimental) products to soothe all sorts of skin ailments, such as  Ichthyosis vulgaris (excessive skin dryness) and Skin Allergies (caused by Dog fleas, grass and specific foods) left my skin tattooed with painful, dark scars and as a teenager at the time, it left me plagued with major insecurities.

It took me many years of reading, crafting and experimenting around with 'potions' (as my family would call them) to extract, from the herbs of our garden, and the goodies from our kitchen, all-powerful ingredients which fueled the Natural Skincare Products that nursed my skin to health and amplified my Physical, Mental and Spiritual radiance, to its present glory!

With many tiresome months of research and enough set-backs to tempt me into giving up, it is my greatest joy to present to the World my very own Skin-care Rituals & Products which are created of all the finest materials, with the purest of intentions, to help you, Yes YOU! Feel amazing in the Temple you've been blessed with and so that you may extend & radiate that Love, onto others as He has to us all-you may very well know of whom I speak!

May your Skinvestment bare you many fruits my Dearest Cocoa Beans!

With love, always. "


About Us: About Us
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